Who Do We Support

Anyone of any age living with Dementia and their families and friends.

Most services for people affected by dementia cater to senior people, as the disease is more prevalent in this older age group. Ty Hapus was originally set up to provide support to people with a ‘Young Onset Dementia’ – this is the term given when someone has a diagnosis of dementia before the age of 65. We tend to think of Dementia as a disease or illness that affects older people. In fact, Dementia can affect anyone at any age. We now support people across all age groups with no lower or upper age limits and not just younger people.

At Ty Hapus we understand that we need to adapt to your needs and support you and your families in the way that you would want. We aim to have an unconditional positive regard for every person we support. Please discuss with us how best we can support your cultural, religious, sexuality, gender identification or lifestyle needs.

There are over 100 different types of dementia and at Ty Hapus we have gained a wide range of knowledge from supporting people affected by the different forms of Dementia over a decade of working. The word Dementia is itself an umbrella term for diseases that may be categorised as a form of dementia. Alzheimer’s disease for example, is the most common form of dementia.
At Ty Hapus we are experienced in supporting people living with:

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Alzheimer’s disease
Vascular dementia
Fronto temporal lobe dementia
Lewy body dementia
Posterior cortical atrophy (PCA)
Korsakoffs syndrome
Binswangers disease
Primary progressive aphasia
Logopenic progressive aphasia
Parkinsons related dementia
And more..

How do we support the families and friends of people living with Dementia?

‘It’s not just the person diagnosed, it’s the whole family that is affected’
(A quote from one of our day guests.)

When a person has a diagnosis of Dementia we understand that the family and friends of the individual are also affected. We aim to be a very inclusive service welcoming families and friends to be a part of the support we offer. We also understand that ‘respite’, a break away from each other can be important too.

We keep in close touch with you and hope you will develop a relationship with us where you feel comfortable to pop in, ring us or be an integral part of our support day.

Periodically we organise events and meals out just for family members who have been placed in the primary carer role, so that you are able to meet others, chat, make friends or just have a relaxed couple of hours.

Some family members decide to become a ‘Friend of Ty Hapus’ organising events and fundraising for us.