What do we mean by ‘Support?’ 

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be a worrying experience. You may be unsure of who or where to turn to for advice or help. To us therefore, ‘support’ means offering assistance in a way that helps you (and also your family) come to terms with the diagnosis and find ways to continue to be active and enjoy life. We recognise that even though you may have problems with memory, concentration or planning, you are still you! 

Everyone experiences dementia differently and so we aim to focus on the things that are important to each individual and get to know you and your family and friends. That way our support is individually tailored. At our ‘Home from home’ base, we support a small group of people each day rather than large groups. That way we can continue our ethos of more personalised support.

By focussing on the things you like and enjoy doing, we hope to help you stay positive and continue to be active.

Being with your loved ones is important, but time away from them can be too. Talking about ‘respite’ isn’t always easy, but in any close relationship having interests and time away from each other is usually positive. If you decide you would like to spend time at Ty Hapus, this could mean that you and anyone you live with will have an opportunity to have a break from each other. This may be a worrying prospect at first, with new people to meet in a new environment. Please be assured that we are infinitely flexible in how we arrange this to best suit you. 

Whilst we don’t offer residential or overnight support, we do offer weekday daytime support between the hours of 10.00am and 15.00pm. See our Day Support section for more information. This doesn’t mean that you have to come along alone, as we are always happy to have families and friends join in with our support team. See out section on Shared Support for more information.

Support for us is also about supporting those close to you; families and friends who may also feel affected by the Dementia diagnosis. We aim to regularly arrange support information, wellbeing therapies and also social events where families and friends of our guests can meet.